Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ireland 2/18/11

Dear Ireland,

Thanks for letting my best friend Suzette and I visit you. Thanks for producing movies such as P.S. I Love You, Leap Year and Waking Ned Devine, which helped inspire this trip (and forgive us for visiting your country for unintelligent reasons.)

Thank you for selling white chocolate Magnum Bars (a very pleasant surprise) and thank you for producing the happiest, friendliest most helpful people I’ve ever met in my travels. I’d specifically like to thank you for the nice gentleman you sent our way after we’d approached the roundabout and stopped, completely lost. He pulled up behind us, saw the map pressed against our noses, and rather than honking and cursing at us, got out of his running car, tapped on our window, and asked us how he could help us.

Ireland, thank you for breaking Suzette’s boot on your cobblestone roads in Dublin, thus allowing us to find out that Cobblers exist to this day and are not just in fairy tales. Thank you for the pubs and live Irish music. Thank you for the drunk, middle-aged-men, in said pubs that offered pick up lines such as, “your eyes are like two swimming pools and I’m searching for a diving board.”

Thank you for the shaggy haired sheep walking out in front of us on your narrow country roads. Thank you for your farmers that paint the backs of these sheep in primary colors to differentiate whose sheep belongs to whom. And thank you to the dear lady at the shop that explained all this, as she rang up my Magnum bar, after I’d expressed my angst over having just seen a pasture filled with bleeding sheep that were actually just painted red.

Thank you for your random castle turret in Doolin on private property (that we broke into anyway) and the weird, creepy, feeling we got there only to later find out that 170 people were hung there. Thank you for your green pastures and oceanic views, and quaint Bed and Breakfasts and daily Irish breakfasts of sausage and boiled tomatoes and the duck loaf that took us 3 days to eat while driving in our car. Thank you for the perfect rainbow we saw and the pots of gold and leprechauns it further inspired us to search for! Seriously, Ireland, we heart you!